Solar Storms impact our lives. When they happen, will you be aware?

The Weekly Solar Weather Forecast
August 26, 2014 - September 01, 2014

Please note, as with all Earth based weather forecasts, solar weather also changes on a daily and hourly basis. As such, understand that the following predictions are subject to change at any moment and therefore why the FlareAware alert system is an important tool in your arsenal for following solar weather:

This week space weather activity is expected to be elevated with a 40% probability of M class flares and 5% chance of X class flares. Raised levels of flaring will exist until the most active regions, AR 2149 and AR 2146, move off the visible disk next week. Geomagnetic disturbances, and even a chance for minor G1 geomagnetic storming, will exist over the 27th - 28th of August due to the possibility of a slight CME glancing blow in combination with a coronal hole high speed wind stream.

Beyond this week, disturbances are expected September 1st – 2nd and 7th – 8th due again to coronal hole high speed winds stream passages. Solar sector boundary crossings may also cause slight disturbances on the 6th and 13th of September. Though no other specific events are currently forecasted, Earth directed CME events and severe flaring will quickly void quiet forecasted conditions.

• Due to risk factors associated with geomagnetic disturbances we have released the new Health Plus Plan designed to alert subscribers to periods of increased dangers such as:
• 210% rise in hospitalization due to heart attack
• 150% rise in hospitalization due to stroke
• 160% rise in occurrences of chest pain and irregular heart beat
• 10% - 15% rise in mortality rates, or death, due to the complications mentioned above
To add to these there are also recorded increases of depression, insomnia, suicide, homicide and other violent crimes.
Please consider the benefits of knowing when you're at risk so you can protect yourself and your family from further dangers.


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The FlareAware Team

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AIA 304

This channel is especially good at showing areas where cooler dense plumes of plasma (filaments and prominences) are located above the visible surface of the Sun. Many of these features either can't be seen or appear as dark lines in the other channels. The bright areas show places where the plasma has a high density

Where: Upper chromosphere and lower transition region
Wavelength: 304 angstroms (0.0000000304 m) = Extreme Ultraviolet
Primary ions seen: singly ionized helium (He II)
Characteristic temperature: 50,000 K (90,000 F)

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Local Time:
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This plot shows the current extent and position of the auroral oval in the northern hemisphere, extrapolated from measurements taken during the most recent polar pass of the NOAA POES more

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Average over last 15 minutes

Geomagnetic storms are a natural hazard, like hurricanes and tsunamis. Severe geomagnetic storms cause communications problems, abruptly increase drag on spacecraft, and can cause electric utility blackouts over a wide area. This NOAA ACE information gives about a one hour advance warning of impending geomagnetic storm activity.

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The GOES spacecraft each carry a sophisticated Solar X-ray Imager to monitor the Sun’s X-rays for the early detection of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and other phenomena that impact the geospace environment on both minor and severe scales.

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